Neuroscientists reveal the number one exercise for slowing down the aging process

Dancing for the rhythmically challenged

What about those of us who have two left feet and no sense of rhythm?

Instead of focusing on how awkward you might be looking, just lose yourself in the music. Music alone has many therapeutic benefits. Just listening to music lift our spirits and if you can manage to lift your backside as well, so much the better!

Dr Rehfeld advises:

“I believe that everybody would like to live an independent and healthy life, for as long as possible. Physical activity is one of the lifestyle factors that can contribute to this, counteracting several risk factors and slowing down age-related decline. I think dancing is a powerful tool to set new challenges for body and mind, especially in older age.”

If you need some inspiration, have look at this video of Nellia (64) and Dietmar Ehrentraut (70). This couple from Germany are doing some dance moves that will have you gasping for breath.

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